My name is Alexandra Prewett. I am a sophomore here at Central, studying photojournalism. This blog was formerly a compilation of my writings for Journalism 102, but has since been converted to Adventures in Multimedia Journalism for JRN 340. So here we go!

I grew up homeschooled, out in the county with a variety of animals and a bundle of sisters. Homeschooling has by far been the greatest experience of my life, through it I have had countless opportunities to learn skills like camping, backpacking, horseback riding, construction, and robotics. These experiences and interests have greatly shaped who I am today, but I am by no means the person I will be for the rest of my life, or even at the end of the semester.

My other, primary interest is photography. When I graduated high school I was contemplating what it is I should study in college. I love photography, but commercial photography isn’t what I wanted for myself, nor do I consider myself an “artsy” person, and trying to make a living off of landscapes didn’t sound too appealing. That is when I landed on Photojournalism. It was a perfect fit for someone who loves people and photography, and loves events and whatnot. This is how I arrived where I am now. I’m currently working at Veterans Memorial Library in Mt. Pleasant, taking classes, and splitting what little free time I have between my family, my horse, and pottery club.  I am excited to see how this semester changes me and what the next couple of years hold as I finish my schooling and move into the “real world”.