A map of my favorite nature destinations in Michigan

This is a map showing my top 5 favorite outdoor destination, from week-long getaways to afternoon outings, theses places hold something for everyone, no matter what your outdoor experience level.

Which answer fits you? Based on how you answer the poll below, consider which destination on the map seems to most appealing.

Here is a timeline showing when each of these places were established.

Lastly, here is a graph showing the number of American campers based on data collected by the Outdoor Foundation.



Maple Syrup funds parks and recreation

In the little village of Shepherd, Michigan just off US-127 between Mount Pleasant and Alma, buckets hang off every maple tree in sight, and if you listen closely, you can hear the drip drip drip of the sap running down the tube and into the bucket.

To Shepherd, it is more than just maple sap. Every year the village produces aver 1,000 gallons of maple syrup, all of which are sold or used during the Maple Syrup Festival. The funds from the syrup and the festival go back to the community to fund little league baseball teams, park improvements, and other community events.