Second Introductions


It is a new semester at Central Michigan University. With this new semester comes the re-purposing of my blog. I am switching gears from JRN 201, to Multimedia Journalism – JRN 340.

My name is Allie, and I am a sophomore studying Photojournalism. People are my passion, which is why I chose photojournalism for my major. This semester, however, I have become increasingly frustrated with school. School, where I’m supposed to be trained to do what I love, and yet in the midst of that training I am loosing the skills I had.

I spend my Saturday afternoon in my house writing about hypothetical news stories instead of going out and talking to people. I no longer have time for creativity because I am doing assignments. I don’t have time for my horse, ceramics, or even photography.

This is the best irony. The photojournalism student, who used to produce beautiful photographs every week, no longer has time to go out with her canon.

So this is my struggle this winter semester. Is it possible to enjoy life and college? Many people go away to college, and start a life there that directly revolves around their campus. For many students, the majority of their life was dependent on their high school (school sports, clubs, band, etc).

However, that wasn’t the case for me, I had a full life and almost all of the aspects of my life are still very important to me. Now it seems I’m expected to lay those aside for school. It’s not that I don’t love my professors, advisers, and the things I’m learning. It is simply that there is no time for the things that give me life.

Here is to another semester, and the hope that I will find the beautiful balance in life and make time for what is truly important to me.

To learn more about me and where I come from, check on my about me page.


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