Podcast Episode 1: Photojournalism

I had the privilege of interviewing Tim Fitzgerald, photojournalist and professor at Central Michigan University. Here is what Tim had to say about photojournalism.


Ask the Question


My dad is a professional question-asker. He never fails to ask the right questions, whether that be at the doctor’s office or trying to make a purchase at Walmart. I can’t count the number of times we have gotten full tours of factories, and various businesses just because my dad asked. As a result he is practically an expert on 100 different topics, everything from t-shirt making to the science behind a loaf of bread, from any problem your car might have to the best way to start a fire. My dad is a life learner, someone who is interested in literally everything and puts the energy into asking questions about it.

Good question asking is still something I am trying to develop. I find that more and more, staying curious, is something that must be practiced. There are two parts to being curious and learning however, the first part is to ask a question, the second is to listen, and comprehend, the answer. If there is something in the answer that you don’t understand you must ask about it and not just assume it’s unimportant or that you’ll figure it out, ask the source! They will know what they mean.