If You Tell The Truth You Don’t Have To Remember Anything

The above quote by Mark Twain was one of the first things to pop into my head when  Teresa Hernández said in her Top Ten List “don’t lie, it only prolongs the pain.”

It is all too human to want to lie your way out of the consequences of your poor decisions. This is a trap, if I’m being really honest, that I can easily fall into. I have only appreciation for Teresa for being so candid about what students are like, it gave me the immediate impression that she doesn’t want students to try to impress her, she just wants them to be real, and in that being real they will find that hard work and integrity pay a lot higher wages than lying about work or grades.

Simply put, being put in the uncomfortable position of having to admit your faults is fantastic incentive to rid yourself of them. In this class she has given her students the opportunity to become better people. As journalists and those in public relations of many kinds, honesty and integrity are very important characteristics to have.


A Place of New Possibilities 

Starting my first semester here at CMU has many feelings attached to it. My biggest fears are in questions like “will I be able to get to my classes on time?..Will I be able to find all my classes?…will the work load be too much? … Will my professors be friendly?” However the biggest question I have is simple (yet not easy) is all encompassing: “can I do it?” 

All of these questions come from the anxiety brought on by new situations. For me this means new campus, new classes, new teachers, new environment. Through the unknowns of this new  place there are many new and wonderful experiences to be had, but these cannot be gained unless one pushes through the uncomfortable and through to the other side. 

So that is my goal, to cope with the scary by pursuing the exciting. Let’s go!